Extended Attribute limit count

Karthik Balakrishnan 2 years ago in System Administration updated 1 year ago 6

One of line of Business more focused on content management using workflows. So requirement demands more number of EAs in Activity, Project and Task EAs.

So We want to increase the Extended Attribute limit.

Is this limit 1024 for all EA types combined, or 1024 for each type (e.g. 1024 for Project, 1024 for Activity, etc)?

Yes, but multi-selects do not count against the 1024 as they are in a different table.

recently we had discussion on this. Eric confirmed Multi-select EA also included in this count.
EA Soft limit is 550 
EA Hard limit is 800 not 1024 (this 800 includes multi-selects also)

Here Our issue is bit different.

we have business using Aprimo as content management system and as well as workflow management system.

Content Management means -  as of now have almost 1000 EA (activity + project + Task) in our environment.

Among those at least 900 EAs are used to get value from the end user and then display those in different parts of workflow or in other workflow within an activity. So we are using Activity and Project level EAs mostly.

Before using Aprimo most our end users are using excel files in share point and email communications. So If we are asking them to move all the EA excel files and upload them in Aprimo, then They are not willing to do so. Because it is increasing the their work no way it reducing the work.

So we are search for alternate options, we reduce almost 400 project level EAs, by re review those requirement last year. Some other are covered by Task level EA and Reports. We all know Aprimo MPM reports are not more sophisticated. Even we are not able to trigger a report from a task with parameters. :)

Aprimo suggested as Generic Objects. We went through that option and we are able to use/link only "Alpha" in Task. All other object no use. We did a small POC with Alpha object that we are able to link with Activity and show it in Task. Our business was not happy with that design, as we are not able to control that using workflow or Task or Roles.

So now we have only two options

1. Increase the EA limit beyond 1023

2. Useful Alternate approach for Content Management inside Aprimo

        1. capture requirement in Excel then User should able to preview that excel in Task inbox itself

        2. Or Aprimo Suggested/told Dynamic  Row EAs those are in road map 2017

Hi Karthik, our bank has approached the limit (1024 not including multi-select EAs) several times and we have had to archive and delete EAs.  We moved to SaaS last September and due to stricter safeguards, it is harder to delete EAs as you need to remove a larger number of dependencies.  Aprimo has told us in the past that increasing the limit is not an option so we have asked for a solution that will automate dependency removal, data archive and EA deletion.