Annotation viewer high-resolution image scaling

JonL 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Amelia Ross 5 months ago 7

Improve the display of high-resolution images in annotation viewer:

1) Default the display scale relative to the size of the image.

2) Add option to 'Fit to width' or 'Full image'.

Hi Amelia,
Just tried this again, and high res images now fit well in the view when opening the annotation viewer and also when selecting 'fit' option.

Thanks a lot

That is wonderful to hear.  Thank you for checking it.  I will close this request.  

Bart, if you are still having issues would you please send me a sample file to amelia.ross@aprimo.com that we can test with?  Thank you. 

Feature released in v97, but does not work as expected. I have logged a service now ticket (CS0023589)
When opening a high res image, still only top left corner in shown.


We have a "Fit to Window" feature planned on the roadmap.  However, I am not sure if that is what your are raising here.  Is this use case here to be able to zoom out further than we currently allow or would a "Fit to Window" that would zoom out the image until it fully fits within the viewer meet this use case?

The last example was highlighting that on very high-resolution images the user is unable to zoom out far enough to see the full image. However, "Fit to window" should address the use case.