Dynamic Durations in Workflow

Taylor Dent 2 weeks ago in Productivity Management • updated by Scott Carson 2 weeks ago 1

Often, we’re able to optimize and simplify workflow processes by using 1 workflow to accommodate many different channels. This is great because we can reduce the amount of configuration in the system and mitigate the amount of maintenance. However, SLAs in this scenario for duration on a task tend to get generalized and are not specific. It would be great if there were a way to set criteria such as a Type to determine which duration would apply on a given task. This way, we could configure many different SLA’s to apply to 1 optimized workflow based on a Type that could be determined up stream in Job Starter, a Planning Task or manually within the Activity or Project Details page.

I would agree this functionality would be useful.    I would like to see the ability to dynamically set duration and roles on tasks with criteria like a port.    Example of roles would be for a review maybe writer and project manager need to review if one condition is true, and just the project manager if a different condition is true.    In regards to duration, I could see multiple levels of complexity and the duration's would match that.    Example would be High, Medium, Low and each would have a separate duration associated with it.