Links from reports to reporting objects

JonL 2 years ago in Insights / Reporting updated by Tarun Chawla 1 year ago 7 1 duplicate

Allow export/distribution reports the option to include links to reporting objects - task, project, activity etc..

The ability to link directly from reports will provide users with a more useful, dynamic reporting experience.

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Thanks Jon - I just voted on the existing request you provided.

Thanks Jon. Karthik, please add that as a separate voice request since that is a separate ask. Thanks!

The most useful would be Activities, Projects and Tasks. After that Attachments and DAM Assets and Financial objects last. 

The requirement I entered is different. Sorry for the Confusion.

Hyperlink in a task will pull a report. That particular report will use Activity ID, project ID or other EA information as report parameters and generate the report for the end user.

If you want to raise a separate voice request for this then please let me know. I will raise one.


Hi Jon, I am moving this to qualified to see if there is more interest here. One of the challenges here would be that we'd likely have to implement links to objects on an object by object basis instead of all at once. Are there specific objects that would be more valuable to you than others?

Karthik, it sounds like you have a few different asks there - I'm not entirely clear on which aspect is helped by having hyperlinks present in reports would help there?

we should be able to send parameters also in the background. so that once the end user click on the link pdf/excel format report will be displayed to them.

We had this requirement for one of our use case.

PM will raise a issue. then this issue will be send to each team (10 to 20 teams). Each team will access the impact.

at the end of it we need to show the information all them provide on this issue.

Now the PM going to reports page, search for the report and enter the project id and then he/she able to see the information provided.

we are using task level EA for this requirement. Because we need to get at lease 5 to 8 field information. if we are using project level EA for this then we have to spend 8* 20  = 160 EAs. In order to avoid this we are using 8 task level EAs.

As we are using task level EAs, all are got reset when the task got close. Yes, that is the functionality of task level EA.

Else, we should talk about better content management options in Aprimo, in-order to entertain these kind of business requirements.