Once the assets are migrated into Sitecore the assets must be mapped to user friendly folder structure in Media Library

Ajur D K 2 years ago in Integrations / Connectors updated by Tarun Chawla 1 year ago 1

Steps to reproduce:

1. Logon to Sitecore

2. Go to Browse Aprimo

3. Import any asset


Why we want the asset names to not lose the names, when migrated into Sitecore:

1. It will impact SEO.

2. It is very difficult to understand, from the current folder structure, as where image is imported.

3. We have a functionality on our website to pick the assets from folders and show it on the UI.

Expected behavior:

Business requested to have control on mapping assets to a folder within the Media Library in Sitecore on import.

Actual behavior:

Currently folder structure is created by Aprimo on asset import.