Alphabetize Document Uploads by Instructions not Document Type

Rob Tuffly 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated 1 year ago 2

Allow system admins the ability to alphabetize document upload choices by the instructions for the upload and not by the Document Type. The later is too limiting and can force uploads marked as required to be at the bottom of multiple uploads instead of the top.

Workflow Tasks

It would seem like the real ask here is to be able to define the sequence/order that the documents display to the user correct?  The more flexible solution to me would be to allow you to move each row up or down in the sequence (like with arrows next to each row maybe) and then the documents would show in the list to the user in the order defined on the step in the template.  Would you agree?

Hi Eric - You've outline a much better solution. It would allow users to display the documents they want in the order or sequence required by their business-- across the Aprimo client base. Count me in on testing this!