Activity Request Title field should not be Required on the Configuration Side

Monika Pickard 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Amelia Ross 1 year ago 5

The Activity Request form requires a value to be populated into the Request Title field AS THE FORM IS BUILT. This is counter intuitive as we want the user to populate the title of their request, and pre-populating this with any value defeats that purpose. Currently we only populate a "." to make it seem like an empty field, but we have seen a few forms submitted with "." as the title. 

This was implemented in Release 99 for Early Adopters for Work Request.

We have the same situation/use case that Matt Chabot mentions. We use a period in the Activity Title.  We also need the requestor to type in the exact name of their request. 


As part of the improvements being done with Work Requests this is being considered.  The question is can we simply always have the field display as blank when show on the form?  Does anyone have a use case where they want the default title to be displayed to the requester?  If you do not expose the field on the request form, then we would use the default value for the title as defined in the defaults section.

We currently use a period "." as our default as whenever we added text asking the Requester to input a activity title, the users would just skip over it.  We want the Requester to input the custom title on the work request form rather than having a default because it is useful when searching the Activity List.