Currency and Amount Fields Should be 2 Separate Fields

Monika Pickard 2 years ago in Spend Management updated by Mark Weissman 1 year ago 2

Description: Separate currency code USD in 1 field and another field with value such as $2,008.00.

Business Use Case: In Aprimo SaaS, all currency fields export to Excel in a manner that combines the Currency Code with the dollar value. Example: US$2,008.00 as text. This requires the user to further manipulate the export so that the values can be utilized as numbers in the CSV or Excel file.

Instead, this should export as 2 separate fields: currency code USD in 1 field, and another field with value $2,008.00.

Hello Monika, this is a good suggestion, but the problem is that then all Excel exports will have double the amount of columns. One with the currency code and then another with the numeric value in that currency. This makes using those columns in Excel formulas very difficult (such as a sum, average, etc) because all the values in the rows are not consistent types of data. I think it may be easier to just (either manually or through a macro) remove that currency formatting each time you do an export, because that is a one-time routine to make the field numeric, rather than a structural problem that would remain with the Excel file.