Paused Workflows/Projects not to display Tasks as an Assigned or In Process Status

Monika Pickard 3 months ago in Productivity Management • updated by Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 1 month ago 8

Tasks associated with Paused workflows continue to show up in Task Inbox as an Assigned and In Process tasks. This creates a usability issue as users can’t distinguish between the tasks that they should advance ) and the tasks that they should consider paused.

So my only concern with simply filtering it out is that could be confusing as well right?  As a user I looked yesterday and I have 3 tasks to do this week.  I login today and now I only have 2 tasks but I did not close anything yesterday so where did my task go.  One disappeared from my list but why?  Did it get re-assigned to someone else?  No actually the project is just on "Pause" so it is now hidden.  I guess I feel that could be just as confusing but maybe I am overthinking it.

Monika, my thought was we put something visual on the Task tile in the list on left hand side that shows it is paused AND we grey out the button just in case they still try to use it.  So my thought was to make it visual to the user on the tile.

I will defer to customers opinions on this though.  Is just having the task disappear okay and the desired approach?

Just spoke with Monika and she agrees that a greyed out button and some indication of a paused task/project would be perfect. 

I suggest filtering them out of the Task Inbox list.  It just causes confusion.

Agreed. Needed. Paused tasks cause a lot of confusion and frustration for users. Additional work for managers and admins to stop, look and explain.

Ideally it would be beneficial to have it be visual and very apparent that it's paused without hovering over greyed out buttons. Sometime are endusers assume something is incorrect when they see items that are greyed out. Are there notifications that to out when Projects are paused?  Ideally once they are paused and once they are unpaused.

Would you want to simply filter them out of the Task Inbox by default?  Or maybe we can somehow display on the Card on the Task Inbox that the project is currently paused?  Maybe disable the "Accept" or "Close" buttons with a hover text message saying the project is paused so this task cannot be worked at this time?

Anyone else have thoughts on this?

Filtering out are paused tasks would be ideal - to then be repopulated when in process again.But the hover task text is a good idea too. It does cause a lot of confusion among our reviewers, who can't access a task. I believe there is some language currently but it's very generic and doesn't mean anything to the reviewer/voter.