Ability to assign workflow roles dynamically from Task inbox

Karthik Balakrishnan 2 weeks ago in Productivity Management • updated 1 week ago 1

Our business want to assign workflow roles from Task Inbox.

Scenario : we have a complex workflow, and created 50 to 80 different teams(approx) to assigned to that workflow roles.

And they are changing this teams frequently. it's difficult track those changes. And it's Manual work, often forgot to do changes.

They want to assign this team from Task Inbox.

yes we can do this in Activity Roles Tab or Project Roles Tab, but we can't gave full user access to everyone.

Capability to allow users to assign user roles while executing a task in the task inbox. Users would remain on the task and have the ability to select one or more resources (users) and the system would automatically populate specified resources in activity/project “role” upon task closure.