Ability to Edit Activity/Project/Task title through workflow template

Karthik Balakrishnan 2 months ago in Productivity Management • updated by katie.tierney 4 weeks ago 9

when multiple project triggered automatically from a mail workflow (using same workflow template), all the projects triggered have same name.

So should have an ability to change the Activity/Project/Task title using EA value from workflow template.

My current customers would greatly benefit on having a status action concatenate selected fields such as 'Current Project Title - Activity Title" to be the new Project Title.   We are starting to explore the new Resource Capacity, which only shows Project ID and Project Title, which is not enough info.   So, having an updated Project Title would help with resource capacity planning.

We have a business case where the Activity Owner needs to be editable on a task as well through a data collection template. 

We have the same issue.    The only way we could replicate our name convention (and others I have seen at other Aprimo customers) would be the ability to create a field by concatenating multiple fields together.    Example would be Activity ID - Type of Piece (EA) - Suggested Project Title (EA) .   If we could set title with a new concatenating ea though a port status action, we could update to Project Title before the first task is seen.


There is the option to make the Project Title field an editable field inside a Data Collection Template today in the application.  Are you asking to do this more automatically instead of having a user update the Title through a task?

Also, what is the use case for making Activity or Task title also editable?  I would think the Activity Title should be correct when created and task seems too low a level for this.  Are you thinking the Task Owner would want to rename their own tasks?

I agree that being able to update the Project Title through WF Templates is preferable to the current ability to have the Title updated through a DCT in a Task.

Because the Project Title will always already have a value, there is no way to guarantee an assignee will update the defaulted title.

Also, our specific parent Workflow can kick off 20+ children WFs and the first Task in the child WFs is assigned to an external creative agency. We would not want them to be responsible for differentiating between child projects & manually updating the Project Title and would prefer the Title is accurate/meaningful when this first Task is assigned.

We have users that utilize the Project List to track jobs and until the default title is updated it is difficult for them to differentiate between the child Projects currently.

A common use case for making Activity Title editable, is that the job starter form was submitted with the wrong title (i.e. "Please update title") because it is required on the configuration side and requesters are not REQUIRED to change it...this is part of another request....and therefore, the PM or someone needs to modify it within a task. Same goes for Activity  Owner/Administrator  https://voice.aprimo.com/communities/42/topics/1081-activity-request-title-field-should-not-be-required-on-the-configuration-side

Yes, we want way to update the project and activity title using EA Value's provided in the Job starter or activity/project page when user creating those.
Example: Let say requirement is to trigger same workflow based on multiselect EA value ( Channels).

So we should trigger one project/workflow template for each channel in same activtiy.

when we do this, all project name will be in workflow template name. and when go to project list page you can't differentiate project according the channels.

For Activity name change, one my teammate working in India have valid scenario. I will get you by tomorrow.


Sorry I entered Task by mistake. But having ability to edit task title with EA values will be helpful.

Agreed, we have had to get creative to work around this, but it would be very helpful.  However, I'm unable to provide a simple suggestion for how I would see you best implementing this for all use cases.

Please do keep this same issue in mind when you do the new feature to kick off JSFs from an asset or group of assets in the Aprimo DAM.  thank you!