Annotation Viewer - global annotations and comments across all items in a review task (VSTS 185014)

Carolyn Mccarthy 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Nicole Novack 1 year ago 10

Description: We would like to give reviewers the ability to make a global change to items in a review task. Is there a way to make annotations apply to all materials in a review task? For example, if there are 3 items being reviewed that need the same annotation and comment, we would like a user to indicate that the annotation and comment applies to all pieces and that annotation be placed on all items.

Business Use Case: We have received requests from users that it would make things much easier for them if they could indicate an annotation or comment applies to all pieces in a review task. Since users sometimes don't to mark up all items, we see that they may annotate only one piece but if that annotation isn't seen first before other pieces are worked on, it can be missed by the person making changes and creates a lot of back and forth / extra work and time needed to update items. Also, from an audit perspective, it is important that annotations be made on all items, so this would help streamline the comments and also make it easier on users so that they use annotations instead of just a vote comment that may be missed.


Where do we find out where this stands on the Aprimo Roadmap? 

What did others at the SYNC have to say about this enhancement request.

How do I jump start the conversation around this one?

We are looking for this to function like a "find and replace". 

I see value in saving/copying annotations within one review task for multiple documents -- if a user wants to mark up the same/similar comment for different pages. The value of allowing users to save annotations would be that a user could right away go in and apply the same comment to other items in the same review or other relevant activities if there is a global change to be made.

Limiting the number of saved annotations would make sense with the idea that the user would have to manage the clean up and delete if they want to be able to save additional ones if they've reached the max number of saves.

I see value in being able to have a shared library for all for specific relevant changes or templates, however I feel it would be more beneficial to allow individuals to save annotations relevant to their use while working in the annotation viewer.

I think saving/copying an annotation for re-use is an interesting concept potentially but I would worry about volume of comments that get saved over time and would user go back and clean it up?  Could we limit them to 10 or 20 saved annotations?  Also, would these be user specific or a shared library everyone can use?

Would there be a way to a user to select which items need the same / global annotation? So if all of the materials have the same format of 3 pages and need the same annotation on page 3, the user would need to verify that in order for the annotation to be copied? Alternatively, could there be a way to copy an annotation from one piece or save frequently made annotations?

Related to review comments, users receiving the next task with the review comments included aren't always the designers/colleagues working on the updates, and we can definitely look into ways to display the comments in the DCT of the subsequent relevant tasks.  

I think the challenge here would be an annotation is also tied to a physical location inside the image or document.  If we tried to copy that annotations to other documents on the review it might end up in the wrong place on the new document or possible not even have a location at all in the new document.  For example, a comment on Page 3 in one document could not be added to a another document that is only 1 page in length.  I understand the business case but not sure how best to address it.  This was the intent of the review comments section that we already have.

Do we need a session to determine how to best address?


Yes, I think this will require some discussion to talk about options to solve the business use case.  I am also interested to talk with other customers next week at SYNC maybe and see how applicable this might be to them.  I know Glenn at Pac Life is a heavy user of annotations, so are Wells Fargo and Oppenhiemer and some others.

I'd like to understand this item and where it falls on the road map.  This is something that holds tremendous value, and having the ability to copy and paste annotations within a document or between different documents would improve the overall review process and save a significant amount of time.