Report - Request to display not selected/null picklist criteria results (VSTS 163028)

Carolyn Mccarthy 2 years ago in Insights / Reporting updated by Anne Murphy 1 year ago 3

Description: Following the case CS0015147 that we logged, we noticed when running a report and filtering a picklist EA with "does not equal" a specific criteria that we also we did not get results where the EA was 'Not Selected' (or null). We allow and request that users set up activities prior to being able to complete all criteria, and we do want to see the list of activities even if the EA is not yet completed. Please see the associated ticket for details, as Rockell Betancourt suggested we log an enhancement ticket on this issue.

Business Use Case: The issue is that in the report, we want to filter out Tactic Subtype does not equal Targeting as one of the criteria. This causes any activities that do not yet have a tactic subtype selected (ie: they are in Submit Creative Development Info Activity Status since Are you Ready to Provide details was answered No at Activity creation) to also be removed from the report. Though we can work around this by not including the filter and exporting to Excel and filter there, we think that this was not the intention of the function to exclude activities where the filtered criteria is not completed due to the our intended use of the system. It should keep the null values because they also don’t equal Targeting (in this instance).

looks like the same issue that we have reported via CS0022822 - SQL would support such kind of queries.