Mass Update Projects (VSTS 145703)

Carolyn Mccarthy 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated 3 months ago 4

Description: The Activity List has the Mass Update functionality. There have been numerous occasions with Projects where the Project Manager name needs to change across a large number of projects, and it is very time consuming to update individual Project's Project Manager names. It would be much easier to have the Mass Update functionality to Mass Update that field and another other ones that others may find useful. 

Business Use Case: There are a variety of reasons why Project Managers may change for projects such as employees leaving the firm, organizational/responsibility changes, or coverage needed. The Mass Update functionality has helped with these changes related to Activities, however the process to individually update a large group of Projects for the Project Manager name is time consuming so not always done (and the Project Manager is the one who receives notifications related to task completions).

any update on this one?

We have a similar request to Mass Close projects.  Many times the last few 'metrics' tasks are not closed out, even though the Project is completed.   In the beginning of each year, we close out the Projects manually.  If we could mass update all these in one go, that would be very time saving.  The Mass Cancel button doesn't work for us because we don't want the project status to be 'Cancelled'. 

It will be relay helpful when we have mass project update like we have it in Activity Cells update page.