New Navigation: Request that "My Profile" be available to full users as well as contributors

Trista Oliva 2 years ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Amelia Ross 1 year ago 7

Description: In situations where there are stringent security processes that limit system-admin access to user records, and in situations where we want to provide self-service access to full users, the My Profile page in the Portal was a good place for all users to make updates to their account, such as name, email address, etc.

In the New Navigation, there is no Portal and consequently the My Profile feature has been removed for full users. Only contributor users have access to this feature.

To say this another way: In Legacy Navigation, a full user can log into the portal and change their name, email, etc..

The request here is to reinstate the My Profile feature for all users in New Navigation.

Full users will be able to edit email and name in Release 103.


We had noticed this inconsistency our self where a Portal user could update personal details like name and email but a full user could not.  As we work on "re-styling" the Preferences pages to the new field styling we will look at exposing these fields on the preferences page.

Hi Trista, we (Wells Fargo) are piloting New Nav internally and I discovered yesterday that we cannot update name/email in portal My Profile.  Here is our primary Use Case:

  • Some of our workflows route tasks to a ‘mailbox account’ which has an email address set to an Outlook Shared Mailbox
  • Traffic Managers pick up the tasks and then reassign it to the appropriate resource
  • We receive requests to update the email address on these mailbox accounts
  • We have a strict provisioning process and have agreed not to make any updates to the user record
  • We sign on as that user in portal and then click My Profile which allows us to update email address

I reached out to Amelia Ross and let her know we just need First Name, Last Name and email address added to My Preferences.  

Aprimo note: VSTS 174878