Have annotation to maintain constant size for any zoom level

Nico De Smet 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Monika Pickard 1 year ago 5

Currently, when you use a 3000x3000 pixels image and zoom into a detail to add the annotation it looks fine at that 100% zoom level. When returning back to full screen, you hardly see the annotations, because line width is so small. 

The request from Delaware for multiple customers (Husqvarna, Oticon,...) is for the annotation size to adapt to zoom level, and not be a fixed nr. of pixels.


We had added this enhancement last summer.  This is what we were looking for - Some review documents are hard for Creative Team to work because the large dimension of the creative files does not cooperate with the zoom +/-. I recommend Aprimo adds a “fit to width” and “fit to length” zoom options into the section that allows a user to zoom in / out based on a hard % number.

Hmm, good question. The issue is probably not so much about annotations becoming smaller when zooming out, but rather the lack of ability to resize them. Especially annoying is the fact that a high res image initially opens in the annotation tool as a zoomed in portion (and not in full view). The initial annotation rectangle size is fixed in Aprimo and looks perfect for that zoom level. But, the user typically first zooms out to see the entire picture and starts adding annotations there. In full view, the annotations are so small, that you can hardly read what you are typing. Would it be possible to calculate initial size of the annotation rectangle as a percentage of the total image resolution? They would then appear a bit larger when zooming in very deep, but there are off course alternatives (like arrows) to point to a detail.


How would you expect to see this adapt.  Would you want the annotation border to get thicker or brighter colored?  You would not necessarily want to make the box itself larger right as it could start to look like it is on a different part of the image than it really is correct?

This is a great idea, I personally think it'd be good if the annotations boxes and icons could just scale sensibly with the zoom level, the way that adobe acrobat comments do. When i add a comment in acrobat and I Zoom in the icon scales along with the zoom.

Uploaded a screenshot to demonstrate this issue