Autozoom to show full file in annotation viewer

Nico De Smet 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Matt Chabot 1 year ago 3

Currently when you open a high res file the 100% zoom will only show a small piece on the screen. Request is to auto-zoom to show the full file and also to add a button to return to show full file on screen if zoomed in or out.

This is a request from Delaware and from customer Husqvarna.

Thanks for acknowledging Eric.  Pacific Life is very happy this is on your roadmap.


Adding a "Fit to Page" option in the annotations viewer is on our roadmap.  Files would load initial to zoomed to fit in the window and then user could zoom in from that level and there would be a "fit to page" button on the tool bar to jump back out to the full view again.

Fit to page would be a big step forward.  I know our reviewers hate having to resize the images ever time they open a new review.  It would be ideal if it just did this automatically rather than requiring the users to click a button every time.