Show previous review iterations on regular task

Nico De Smet 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Matt Clarke 1 year ago 4

Just like in a review task where it allows you to view previous review iteration details, the request is to provide this same functionality on regular tasks. This will allow users such as creative designers to also see the history of comments.

This was requested by customer KRKA.

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Hi Eric,
I believe you should try the scenario with multi-document voting. 
Below first schreenshot shows a single voting task. The review comments panel is great, but of no use for multi document votings (because each attachment can have its own comments and votes). However, in circumstances where review comments panel is not used,  Aprimo usually offers the option to click "view details" on the attachment itself and see the comments there (which is also perfectly acceptable).

Then, the workflow continues to another person (upload a new version) who can use the view details option and gets an overview of all comments given over the different iterations (and by the different reviewers). This is again exactly to the expectation of our clients (although it would help if comments were more clearly grouped per iteration). 

But, the real issue is when you try above scenario with multi-document voting. Neither the uploader or the reviewer is able to see any comments of previous iterations. The uploader gets a task to upload a new version and only sees the comments that reviewer(s) gave on the last version:

And even worse, when the uploader uploads the new version and sends it back to the reviewer(s), that last person has no ability to see his own (and co-reviewer) comments of previous iterations. 

In reality, our clients need to do plenty of approvals in a week and a quick historical context is essential to speed up decision taking. Using annotation tool for that is often too much overhead. In that sense I also really agree with the above comment of katie.tierney : the (version) comments entered during upload should also be included in this overview. 
An alternative would be to have a selector in the attachment  popup that allows to simply switch between revisions and see the version related comments.

Long post ;-) Hope it clarifies the issue better.


Is the ask to show the "Review Comments" panel in the Task Inbox.  I believe we do show that on the next task in the workflow even if that task is not a review correct?  Or are you asking about something different in this case?  Maybe if you can provide some screen shots that would help.  I think the challenge is trying to minimize the amount of data a user completing a task has to shift through so we try to keep it to only what is relevant to them.

Hi Eric,

KRKA were asking if they could display the review comment iterations details on a regular task after the review. In the review, we can show the comments from all previous review iterations, but don't believe we can show this on a subsequent regular task. The screenshot attached is from KRKA where it shows an example of the comments from previous iterations on a review task. Let me know if that makes sense?

Cheers, Matt

And to add to this, show the version comments of a new version of the rejected file directly on the subsequent 2nd iteration review task.  Currently, the reviewer has to click to view the details of the file and then try and locate the version comments.