User account to be able to have multiple roles selected

Nico De Smet 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Cari Baugh 2 months ago 6

It is quite common for users to have multiple roles, however currently a user account can only have one role selected.

Request is to allow multiple user roles to one user account.

This request came from Delaware (for multiple customers), KRKA and Husqvarna.

Is there any status on this? 

I have multiple customers that have users that are realistically assigned to multiple roles.  For example, Qantas and Monash University have peer reviews where there is an 'analyst role' and the 'analyst peer reviewer' role which have the same set of users.   The current setup is restricting for task delegation and resource capacity / task reassignment features as the role assignment drives the users that appear in the lists.

We are also interested in this enhancement.  We have multiple people that have dual roles, it would be great if we had the opportunity to manage their profile depending on their role. For example, in one role they may want Email notifications but in their second role they would not. 

We have users with multiple roles (Submitters, reviewers) which prohibits them from getting notifications when they act as the submitter, which makes it difficult to manage submissions they have responsibility  for.  Allowing for dual roles could solve for this issue

This would be especially helpful if the Out of Office list of "backup users" for a user is still populated based on this setting as well.