Reject multiple files in one go (in a task)

Nico De Smet 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by bart.theys 1 year ago 2

If there are multiple files being reviewed within a task, the request is to be able to reject multiple files at once, rather than having to reject each file individually.

A use case would be when there are 10 variations of the same file, where one would be approved and all the others would be rejected.

@Eric: The request is indeed more related to your second scenario. The user is asked to select one (or more) preferred  proposals. There is no real meaning in rejecting the rest. Rejection would really mean that the reviewer expects work to be redone, but in this case the reviewer only gives an opinion on what pieces to further consider in the workflow.
An example could be a photoshoot. You need 3 photo's. The photographer sends your 5 photo (previews) for every request. The reviewer selects 3 of them and will forward the task back to the photographer to upload the chosen photo's in high res. 


Sounds like the desire is still to approve and reject individuals files but you want a better interface for doing this?  Or is the ask to have a new voting option which is document level voting but only a single approval?  So once you approve document all the rest automatically are set to rejected?  Something like that?