Limit choice of activity owner in Work Request

Nico De Smet 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Cari Baugh 1 year ago 6

When configuring the Work Request form, the ability to define a subset of users than can be designated and selected as the owner within the form. Currently, all users are available and requires filtering every time.

This request came from Delaware and customer KRKA.

type ahead would be great

No, type ahead filtering does not really solve the issue.  Depending on the context, some users are completely irrelevant and accidently selecting them could lead to  issues during the workflow. E.g. a work request for the Marketing department will be supervised by a head in the marketing department or a brand manager. But a request in Public relations department should be supervised by a head in the PR department. 
This enhancement request is not only relevant during selection of an owner on a request form, but also when assigning individuals in roles for an activity.


If the Owner field supported type ahead filtering would that solve this use case?  The user simply starts to type "Eric" and we filter the list of users to only show those with "Eric" in their first or last name?  Rather than limiting the specific choices?

Yes, this would be helpful, as well as adding the <<Current User>> Token. 

This would be great, we've had to create an pick-list with a subset of users, which is difficult to maintain from EA and Workflow standpoint. 

Yes, I agree. The pick-list is difficult to maintain and can be problematic. Type Ahead would be great.