Automatic access to chatboard

Nico De Smet 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 1 year ago 6

If a user was assigned to a task via a delegation or through a role change, manual intervention will be required to add the user to the activity access list to allow them to access the chat board.

The request is to make this automatic.

This was requested by Delaware and by customers KRKA and Husqvarna.

So how does this then affect the list of users from which you could start a chat with, if they are not currently on the Access List or not the "First One Accepts".  If a Job Owner needs to converse with a Contributor user to get their expertise, but they are not currently in any of the above.  Would you be able to search/select them to Chat with?

Hi Eric,
Thanks for the clarification. My suggestion would be to only add the user to the access list (view mode) at the moment when a task is accepted (and the user was not yet on the activity access list off course). That would only grant access to users who effectively engage in the activity. E.g. in the case of "first one accepts",  users in the same role (who have not accepted any task in the activity) should (at least in the scenario's I see) not access the activity or its chatboard, because they are not involved in any way.


We made changes in the summer last year to allow contributors to access chat boards and the links to the Activity and Project details from the information panel in the task inbox.  Prior to this there was no reason to expose Contributor users to the access directly really.  Given these changes we do agree that adjusting the access list to allow for individual contributors to be added makes sense.

Regarding a system wide setting on the general topic, how would you see that behaving?  Any user assigned to a role or a specific task in the project is automatically added to the access list with view rights?  

As mentioned by Diana, this topic goes broader than the chatboard. If you assign a task to a user who is not on the access list, this person simply gets errors on different places (e.g. when clicking 'view details' menu option on an attachment).

Moreover, Aprimo does not allow you to add (individual) users on the activity access list which are not licensed as full user. So in the case of a chatboard, the opposite problem exist: if you want to invite your agency user to the chatboard, this person needs to have a full user license or you need to give a whole user group access to the chatboard (which potentially opens the chatboard to even more unwanted users).

@Eric: I can imagine that there are cases where clients wants the current behavior, but the request is to have a system wide setting: if enabled, task assignees are automatically added to the activity access list. For your case, the setting could simply not be enabled. But I even believe that for these cases, disabling chatboard functionality entirely (via domain right) for agency user groups could often be a sufficiënt solution.


We are open to this however, this is making the assumption that you always want the delegated user to have access to the chat boards and a read only view of the Activity or Project view pages.  Since if you are on the access list those fields become hyperlinks in the Information panel.  So if a user delegates their task to an external agency user and you did not want them to see that level of detail they would just automatically be granted access.  Would like to hear others feedback on this topic on whether it is a concern or not.

I would suggest that this same theory is applied to anywhere in the system where 'delegate' doesn't cover the new security the user would need to complete their task.  This is an obvious one, but if there are others, perhaps they can be fixed under the same defect.