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Functional Hyperlink in Consumer UI

Rachel 4 months ago in Digital Asset Management • updated 3 months ago 5

Similar to the DAM Asset Studio where one can add hyperlinks in fields.

If that same field is added for the Consumer UI Studio, the hyper link should appear. 

Currently it just displays as the following:

For my team, this would allow us to embed a pdf with usage rights for each and every photo asset.  

UX Fields / Attributes

We just started working on 'edit record' for new UI. I have no final backlog estimate yet, but I would guestimate it for June. In case i see we'll be earlier i will post a new message.


Sounds good. Thanks for letting me know. 

Thanks Petra! Do you have an idea as to the eta for this? or at least where it is falling on your road map?

Thank you!


In Progress

Out of security reasons, we will not support html (fields) on the new UI. We are replacing the html field with a rich text field which is more secure and allows to support links. This field will be editable and viewable in the DAM UI. We are currently working on this.