Package Upload configuration should not collide with other configuration in the system

Maja Pejčić 2 years ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Gerda Oppewal 2 years ago 5

While testing new Package Upload feature I ran into an issue where I have a default value set in the system for Status Classification list field (defaults to WIP status for newly created assets), and in package upload configuration I specified that links should be created as new assets and put into Approved classification. Based on this configuration, my package upload was failing because of collision between default value setup for Status field and value I provided in package upload configuration.

Ideally, package upload should not be failing because of such collisions, I would expect one or the other configuration to prevail (probably depending or order of execution) and package upload should still work. 

Content Types / Metadata Ingestion / Upload

Hi Maja, from a functional point of view we consider the scenario you describe a bug: Could you log it in Customer Service portal so it willow the right process? Thanks.

OK, thanks Gerda, will do! 

Agree.  Also please consider differences when the package upload is done in a PM task versus a generic package upload in the DAM which is unrelated to an in-flight project.