Enhanced Audit Trail - Activity Forecast, Funding Account, Supplier, Invoice/JV

Ben Mason 2 years ago in Spend Management updated by Kim Thrower 10 months ago 5

Request to add the Enhanced Audit Trail functionality to financial items which are regularly 'audited' in relation to payment and financial planning processes. This would help track exactly what happened to indicate what was changed/when/and who made the change.

Priority list for Enhanced Audit Trail for financials/spend management: 1) Activity Forecast 2) Funding Account 3) Supplier 4) Invoice/JV.


Seeing the amounts on the changes in forecasts is one of our most sought after requests.

Another use case for the enhanced audit trail on invoices, commitments and forecasts.  When a financial record is rejected the reason or comment from the approver is logged on the the approval tab and an entry on the audit trail.  However, once the financial is resubmitted for approval the initial reject reason is removed and it is not available.  Auditors have asked the reason for the rejection seen in the audit trail but there is no reference for the reason if the item was resubmitted. 

This is a key expansion of the enhanced audit trail functionality on the areas listed.  Especially with highly regulated customers with audit requirements.  This would help with research when financial information is changed, for example, activity forecast the current audit trail only indicates the forecast was either decreased or increased but there is no way to determine the amount of line item.

Suppliers is another key object and there is no audit trail at all.  This has another area where an enhanced audit trail would be desirable.  Suppliers are a key financial component.