Iterative Task Enhancement - Email Notifications, Audit Trail Logs, and Pausing Projects when Iterative Tasks Loop Excessively

Rae-Ann Hunt 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Diana Fournier 2 years ago 2

Send a warning notification to the user defined as the Project Manager on the project, as well as the system administrators (if possible) to alert them to the fact that a project is iterating excessively. 

For iterative tasks, allow the addition of an "Escalation Action" and "Escalation Contact" for the iterative task so that, in the event the iterative task reaches a predefined number of iterations, the task will execute the "Escalation Action" (e.g. pause itself, insert an administrative task that must be manually closed, etc.), and a notification will be sent to the "Escalation Contact" to address the looping issue.  

Agree that would be a nice to have.  Currently we have an EA counter that we increment each time a review/rework cycle iterates.  I'm sure many of your clients have done the same.  We include that EA in our email notifications.  It's not perfect, but that's what we've done thus far.