Route Workflow Notifications to Out of Office Back Up User

Rae-Ann Hunt 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Cari Baugh 9 months ago 5

When Out of Office is on and a backup user is assigned, the "Unable to Assign Task/Empty Role" notification does not forward to the backup user. It forwards to the original user who is OOO. This can cause the issue of a workflow becoming stuck due to a role being unassigned and the Backup not being notified to correct the issue. 

Also, If a backup user is set and custom notifications are defined in a workflow the user must be a part of the role to get the custom notification, which may not apply to the back up user. 

It would be beneficial if all notifications passed from the users to backup user no matter if custom or base notification. 

Workflow Notifications

For us it would be useful for all notifications to go to the project managers back up user when they are out of office. I think this is what is being asked for here. I had assumed that this already happened and am now concerned that people covering for colleagues who are OOO are not receiving notifications for the colleague they are covering for.  

Any more clarification on this?  I am keeping it in "New" status as right now I am not clear on the ask here.

Can you clarify this a bit more.  If the task is unable to be assigned because the role is empty then who is that notification going to initially since there is apparently no user actually assigned?  Is this email going to the Project Manager and they are person that is OOO and so you want those emails to go to their backup?  


I believe the "Unable to assign task/task stuck" notification goes to the Workflow Manager, not the Project Manager - or the project manager's backup.

Since the backup function only applies the project manager role, not the workflow manager, this does cause issues. At AIG, our project managers also serve as the workflow managers, but the backup has no way of knowing if a workflow gets stuck unless they manually go into every job they are covering at onset and change the workflow manager role to themselves (and the original project manager will have to revert it back upon return.) Too time consuming.