Need Task Delegation Email Notification (VSTS 173956)

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 6 months ago 19

Description: When a user delegates a task to another user, there needs to be the following notifications sent:
1) Notification sent to the original delegator the task has been delegated.
Notification to include Task Title, Activity ID, Activity Title, Project Title, Project Manager, Job Owner, Task End
Date, Task Description, Original Task Delegator and Who the Task was delegate to.

2) Notification sent to the new delegate.
Notification to include Task Title, Activity ID, Activity Title, Project Title, Project Manager, Job Owner, Task End
Date, Task Description, Original Task Delegator and Who the Task was delegate to.

Business Use Case: Delegator needs to know their task was successfully delegated via a notification and the Delegatee needs a notification when a task has been delegated to them.


Hi Eric - Is there any more traction on this?

Thanks, Christine

That is correct.  We mainly use custom notifications we've setup for tasks, so our users are getting those.  But we want this notification to be setup as a base notification that could be individually setup to send out even though all base notifications a currently OFF.

We agree that this should be a base notification and honor the system parameters, thank you. 

Hi All,

So I agree that the system should send an email upon delegation to the new user that was just assigned the task.  However, my question would still be that if you have base notifications shut off should we still send this email anyway?  Or should we consider this email to be driven by the Work Task Notifications or Review Task Notifications system parameter.  As a user if you are not used to receiving any other emails from Aprimo when tasks are assigned then why should a delegation be any different?  If I do not receive emails for normal tasks then as a user I must not be relying on emails to tell me I have work to do.  I must be just logging in and checking periodically to see what tasks have in my list right?

I would struggle to explain why just for tasks that were assigned to you by another user instead of by the project manager the system should now send an email when for all others it does not.

Or is everyone who shuts off emails, then going in and setting up custom notifications instead to replace some of those standard emails?

So my concern is here I agree that sending the email makes sense but I also feel this email is still a "Base Notification" so it should honor the configurations in the system around base notifications.  However, if I do that then I think this will not meet the need of at least some of the customers on this idea since you have notifications OFF but still want this email to be sent.

Is that correct?


Base notifications are becoming increasingly difficult to manage. We turned them all off because teams wanted personalized notifications and the ability to choose when to receive them. The plan was to configure custom notifications to replace the base notifications for teams that liked what they were getting from base notifications. The problem we're experiencing now is that we can't configure some base notifications such as task delegation. We desperately need more granularity in the suppression of base notification selections.

It sounds like you have some teams that want emails and others that do not?  For those that want the emails is it all emails then?  If each user could configure in their preferences to receive Work Task Notifications or Review Task Notifications would that meet their needs?  Basically move what is right now two system parameters up to be a user preference?  Or would you as admins want to be able to manage this more centrally?  Control which groups of users get emails or not rather than expecting each user to manage it themselves?

Also, know that for many customers, when they have this mix where some users want emails and others do not they will coach the users who do not want emails to simply set up a rule in their Outlook to move all Aprimo emails into a specific folder to put in their junk mail box, etc.  So they do not see the emails but those who want them still can.

Thanks Eric. Ideally, each team would select which emails they want to receive within Work Task Notifications and Review Task Notifications so we admins of the system can configure their preferences (two system parameters to user preference). We do coach them for setting up rules in Outlook but they still look at these as a less than ideal experience.

Additionally, can we have separate item on System Parameters section. Something like Task Delegation notification?

Are you asking for a system parameter because you do not want these emails to be sent so you would like a way to turn it off?

We have base workflow (Project) notifications turned off because our users didn't want all of the emails. We have custom notifications setup for Tasks within a Workflow (Project). We don't want base Project notifications turned on. We would like a new system parameter setup and turned on for Task Delegation notifications for all tasks where delegation occurs. This would alleviate the tedious work of setting up the custom notification to all of our existing workflows (which would be a huge undertaking).  Only this new system parameter would be turned on.

Thanks for the follow up on this Rockell.  I am hoping there is a way to still get these notifications sent even with the workflow notifications turned off.

on your first point, I agree we don't need a notification back to the Job Owner the task has been delegated.

We don't have workflow notifications turned off, so your 2nd point would not be an issue for us.

@Christine. I was wrong. your environment does have notifications turned off (see screenshot below). So to Eric's 2nd point, you WOULD WANT delegation emails to send when workflow notifications are turned off. 


I can agree that sending the new assignee a task make sense but I struggle with sending the original task owner an email as well.  Given that delegation is being done by the original task owner they know they are delegating the work and if they no longer see it in their list that is kind of the confirmation that is completed right?  Seems odd to tell you via email that you just did something.  We do not really do that in other areas and we get feedback already that we send too many emails from some customers.

Also, how should this work with the notification settings for workflow.  If you have deactivated emails for workflow should this still be sent or suppressed?  

What else is needed to get this qualified and get pushed into a queue to be worked on?

Absolutely agree.  Our users use the OOO and delegation all of the time.