Order Options: Page Layout (VSTS 147772)

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 6 months ago in Productivity Management • updated by Steve Dixon 3 months ago 3

In the Workflow Designer, add to the Page Layouttab of tasks the ability to re-order DCTs rather than having to delete and re-enter them in the desired order.

Description: When defining a task the way that the page layout is ordered is difficult change. Currently, when you want to change DCT order in page layout you have to have each DCT added in the desired order.

If a new DCT must be added to the top of a task, you have to go to the page layout, add new, and manually shift everything down. This isn't a very logical way to manage; it's time consuming, very prone to error, and doesn't lend itself at all to an iterative approach to development of new tasks.

Add ordering capability to the Page Layout, either in the form of up/down arrows similar to most other places in the application, or numbers that represent the relative position of that DCT in the order.

Workflow Configuration

This has been committed to a team. It should be picked up for development soon. The plan is to implement this via a set layout sequence button. Clicking on this will open a screen for you to order the options. The experience will be identical to how you set the sequence for DCT or EA sections. We are also going to provide sequencing support for the step checklists on this page as well.

Agreed - this has been a major pain point for our admins as we built out our workflows from scratch. We utilize one WF Template for multiple channels so we have 15+ DCTs on tasks. When there is a need for a DCT to broken out into multiple DCTs or when a new DCT needs to be added, we frequently had to x out all the existing DCTs and rebuild the page layout to have the new DCT(s) in the appropriate location. The ability to re-order DCTs in Page Layout would save a lot of time for admins and minimize potential human error.