Ability to Mass Update Activity Activity Type Status and/or Activity Status (VSTS 113350)

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Brad McClure 1 year ago 6

The ability to mass update activity status when all projects under a given Activity are completed.

I like the solution to go by Activity type since it could be different.  Another layer of validation before selecting to do this type of update.


I think the challenge here is that Activity Type Status can be different between each activity type so you would have to force the user to filter on Activity Type first to ensure that only one Activity Type is in the selection before allowing it to be mass updated.  We could allow a mass update of system status for the activity as that is the same for all so maybe allowing a mass "close" at the system status level.  

I would be fine with filtering down by the activity type first.  We have so many that I would have to do that anyway along with other criteria to get down to 1000 activities at a time.

I'd be fine with the limitation of system type status closing based on the filter of the same system Activity type.  We have so many that need to be mass closed that filtering down the list by activity type would have to be done anyway. This is definitely something we need.  We have over 13000 activities that need to be closed out.  Our option now is to ask our concierge services to write a script to close these for us.

The ability to mass update the activity status will be a huge win for many of the larger customers opening thousands of activities every year.  The activity list master filter is for all open activities so a customer on the application could easily see tens of thousands of open activities in a few years.  The plan and spend customers that go through a systematic annual closeout financially lock activities but this does not impact the activity status so all of the locked activities continue to show on the activity list.