Expand Search Functionality of Task Inbox to More Fields (VSTS 92812)

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 4 months ago in Productivity Management • updated by Scott Carson 6 days ago 7

Users need to be able to search on more fields, including EAs created through system configuration that are not base system attributes. A lot of customer configuration defaults task titles and project titles, so a user is not able to search by title to find the appropriate job. We should be able to search on activity, project & task level data.

UX Tasks

We have give Aprimo the same feedback.   We have an Extended Attribute call our Form Number which is our main key we search on.  This is an example of what I want to add to the Inbox Card

At Pacific Life we use project form number and title to identify different tasks.  The ability to add these fields is critical for us to use the Task Inbox.  Again, the flexibility for us to determine what EAs show up on the tile is very important.

Would also like to be able to configure the task tiles so the EA's that become searchable/sortable can be visible on the tile. We have a project level EA (due date) that users want to be able to use to sort their tasks. Right now, it can't be done and this capability would greatly improve their ability to prioritize work.

The comment regarding a need to sort using a "due date" EA as opposed to the system defined due date based on the SLA set up in Workflow Templates (Task End Date) ties into another enhancement request "Dynamic Durations in Workflow". Often, because one WF Template is used for many different groups & processes, the due date currently displayed in the Task Inbox isn't the date that users are actually working off of. This has been a pain point for our user base when using the Inbox to this point.

This and the ability to "sort" tasks within the inbox was requested by KRKA and Delaware.

This should include the ability to prioritise the tasks too and have the sort options remain sticky.