Provide a more efficient approach to selecting Values for Filters (VSTS 64943)

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by petra.tant 2 years ago 1

User Story

As an activity administrator, I need to be able to quickly and efficiently select filter values.


A more reasonable means of selecting existing data values when creating a filter for list pages such as the Activity List View.

Because the filter value offerings are alphabetical, these individuals find themselves clicking page after page of filter values to get to their own name, or that of someone else not bearing "Admin, Admin" on their birth certificate.

An example might an individual who wants to filter where 'Owner' is equal to 'Lizzy Yang' in a system where there are a total of 310 such Owners and Lizzy Yang is #305 on that list (_See Screenshot CRQ-723-FTI-screenshot-finding-Lizzy_Yang.png_). That's 6 clicks of the 'Next Set' hyperlink. Had their name been Ronald Roland, #275 of the same list, it would have been 5 clicks to the 'Next Set' hyperlink, then clicking through hyperlinks #1 through 3 of 5 to find where that name lands.

As an example we have a public filter set up on the Job List called “My Old Jobs” which is set up as shown in the below. As you can see we set the owner to be Admin, Admin – this indicates to the user that they have to edit the filter, add their own name and then save to be able to make use of it on a regular basis. If the option was there for when setting up the filter to say Owner = < Current User > they wouldn’t need to do this and it would remove 10+ clicks (and multiple screens) from the current user experience. This applies to ANY filtering where we have the option to stipulate a physical user; for example; Assignees, Administrator, Workflow Manager, etc.

You already have this working in the My Tasks list, but you can’t actually see (_the screenshot CRQ-723-FTI-screenshot-for-ValuePicker-for-Filters.png attached to this ticket_) the setting that is defaulting it to only show you current user tasks.
In addition, again to reduce clicks, I would highly recommend you show both private and public views on one screen and also give the ability to filter the views that are available. As we onboard more teams our public filters will increase greatly and currently users only have the ability to look and choose, no search or filter available, we get moans and groans about that a lot.