Ability to customize notifications (VSTS 92238)

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Liz Guzman 11 months ago 16

Allow customize options to selectively choose which default notifications to receive rather than the current all/off option.

UX Notifications

Hi Eric, happy to address these separately, Monash is interested in Option 4 as the Activity Created and Work Request Receipt Notifications are not displaying the appropriate information for our business and need to change the subject and body.  Thanks!

Circling back on this topic again.  There are a still several features being included in this one thread.

1) Allow users to manage their own email preferences.  They chose to receive task notifications, chat notifications, activity notifications, etc.  Buckets like that.

2) Allow system admins the option to shut off base notifications that Aprimo sends to all users like the Work Request emails or Activity emails, etc

3) Allow workflow admins to configure on each step in a workflow whether the base email is sent similar to how reminders can be configured

4) Allow admins to configure/change the body of the email messages.  Change the fields included in the Work Request notification, or the Activity created email, etc.  Right now customers can configure Task notifications but not any others.

So I am wondering if I need to break this up into multiple Voice items so we can vote and track them separately or if some of these are not necessary.  Thoughts?

I agree it makes sense to break them up to tackle each.

I think it makes sense to separate these into their own voice items.  Each firm will have a preference and priority that will be easier to manage.

I'd be most interested  in Option 3 but the others are valid requests as well and would be very helpful.

Agreed, that we prefer the Admins to control the configuration of the notifications.  I also submitted this Voice request, which is similar: https://voice.aprimo.com/communities/42/topics/1466-ability-to-update-the-activity-created-notification

We would prefer the Admins to be able to configure specific notifications.  Example:  We need Work Requests to have the ability to have more information built into them, additional EA's and free text.

We would prefer the 2nd option where admins had the control to configure the specific notifications.

Our users already have rules set up in Outlook to file emails away.  I'd prefer the later option where system admins  control if notifications are sent out when we configure the workflow.  This would reduce a lot of emails just taking up memory in our system.

I would like some more feedback on this please as I feel this could be several different asks really.  

Is the ask here to allow each end user of the system to decide if they want to receive task notification or not.  So in User Preferences they have options for "Receive Task Notifications", "Receive Reminder Emails", etc. 

Or is this ask to allow system admins to turn on and off specific workflow emails rather than all or none.  For example, allow the admin to configure in workflow on each step if even the base email should be sent?  So expand the "Notifications" tab to have an option to not even send the default email like you can chose to set up reminders and escalations?

Or something else completely?  

I would like to see some way of turning on/off specific base notifications as an admin (not on a user by user basis). The notifications tab would help with workflow notifications but an example of where we struggle with base notifications is attached. We use Work Request Forms and there is no review process. When a user submits a Work Request they receive the two attached emails at the same time, both advising that the same Activity was created. Activity Request Created.png
Activity Created.png

Regarding this topic.  What level would you look at for the emails?  Is it just taking the options we have in system parameters and moving them to be user specific?

This would resolve several issues for our teams. I can't find a common ground for notifications. I tried to reproduce all the desired base notifications but that isn't possible. No team is 100% pleased with their notifications.

Many of our customers will have some user who do not want to receive notifications so those users will just setup rules in Outlook to automatically hide/move the emails from Aprimo into another folder or delete them, etc.

Have you discussed this with your users as an option to solve this currently?

This will be popular with several EMEA customers.

This will be useful for Chanel