Add <<Current User>> token to "Owner" dropdown on the Job Starter/Work Request Form (VSTS 154422)

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 2 months ago in Productivity Management • updated by bart.theys 3 weeks ago 4

In the Job Starter, set the currently logged in user as the default owner rather than having to pick themselves.

Work Requests Configuration

Additionally we feel a need to have an option to pre-filter these lists. Often, not all users in the system are suited to act as admin/owner and so should not be selectable. Today, you can use a filter during configuration of this form, but you cannot automatically apply a filter to the selection list as presented for the requestor. 
Related to above comment of Christine: I think the problem is that both 'Owner' and 'Project Administrator' cannot be left blank in the activity default configuration. Would be great to have an option 'empty' there and only make the field mandatory when the form is actually completed by a requestor. 

We specifically didn't want this option because it doesn't force the requester to choose something.  

We wanted them to have to consciously choose a name to proceed.  

If you add it as a default, we'd like to be able to "opt out" of it.

If there was a token user << Work Requestor >> that would give the flexibility to default Owner and Activity Admin to the requestor like and Activity defaults to or set another user if business process demands it.