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Auto Refresh - Task Inbox (VSTS 134327)

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Steve Dixon 1 week ago 11

Equip the Task Inbox so that the task tile listing doesn't require an explicit page refresh to show new or updated tasks.

Description: Currently our users have to refresh their page in order to see new tasks in their In Box. We have situations where user can receive back to back tasks and they have to refresh their page before they see the next task. We would like the system to auto refresh so that users do not need to do this.

Business Use Case: page views should auto refresh after an action has been completed. a Manual refresh should not be necessary.

UX Tasks

We had to expand the capabilities of the background push notification tech to support several use cases around tasks. We have a team who will be starting the Task Inbox work by the end of the month and are targeting a late Q3 release for this.

Is this item still on track to be released this quarter?

Hi Alex,

Unfortunately this will be slipping into mid Q4. We've been working on it but had to prioritize a few issues that came up with the initial release of the push notification framework on chat boards.

Hi Eric, do you have an update on when this will be GA? 

In Progress

The background technology work is on track to complete this quarter.  Leveraging this technology to push tasks to the Task Inbox in real time should be done in early Q2 as planned.

Hi Eric, 
When do you anticipate this being ready? Wondering if we should expect to see this soon. Any info would be greatly appreciated. 


Work has begun to include the background technology to push messages/alerts to user client pages which is the underlying technology needed to support this feature.  That work will run into Q1 2020 so this feature will likely not be completed until late Q1 or early Q2 2020 but it is still planned.

We are investigating technology options to provide push notification updates to users in the system. This would apply to pushing new chats to a user, pushing a new task into the Task Inbox without needing to refresh the page, etc.

Once we complete the POC of the technology we will have a better idea of whether we can include this into the roadmap.  If we can, the first two places we might leverage this would be to update a Chat panel in real time as users add comments (so replace the need to do that refresh every 60 seconds that is shown below) and to update the Task Inbox with new Tasks as they are released or when they change status.

It would also be useful if it could follow the way Chat Boards auto refresh every 60 seconds:

The other item that is extremely frustrating here is that clicking the Task Inbox icon or the "Task Inbox" text on the left hand navigation does not refresh the page.  The user should not have to click the refresh button on the browser every time.