Task Inbox: warn users that Annotations are in Draft status when attempting to close a regular task

Trista Oliva 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Steve Dixon 11 months ago 12

When using the legacy task completion page and attempting to close a task after creating Draft Annotations, the user will get a prompt with a reminder that they have created Annotations that are still in draft mode. This prompt prevents users from forgetting to publish their annotations and make them visible to others. However, when using Task Inbox, users do not get this prompt and can close a task leaving annotations in draft status. It is only in review tasks where users will get prompted to promote annotations from Draft to Published when using Task Inbox. 

This request is to provide Task Inbox users with a prompt to publish their draft annotations when closing a task.

Annotations Workflow Tasks



This will be available in version 105.


This will be available in version 105.

In Progress

The team has picked up with work and development has started.  Should complete and release in the next few months.  Will update this request with more specific timing as it gets closer.


This has been assigned to a team and will begin development shortly.  We will update this to In Progress once work has begun and provide an estimated release time frame.

This would be extremely useful as we are having issues with users forgetting to publish when adding comments through a non-review task.  

Is it possible that comments be defaulted to an OPEN status, bypassing the DRAFT status?  When facilitating meetings, users are encouraged to keep their tasks in process, however we find that users are opening their comments in advance of the meeting.  We'd like to be able to configure the tool to allow us to default the system to automatically OPEN comments instead of DRAFT requiring effort to OPEN.

Thanks for following up Bart and adding that clarification.  Adding this check on normal tasks is under consideration. 

It turns out that the above mentioned issue was a bug that happened for review tasks on Aprimo DAM assets (CS0020773). It was fixed in v90. I have retested this scenario and can confirm that the user now gets the expected prompt in the Task Inbox (both for single & multi document voting). So, my above comments can be ignored - the feature request is only about having the prompt functionality also available for non-review (inbox) tasks. 

Hi Eric,
Maybe this has todo with Aprimo DAM integration vs old DAM then, but the inbox task does not warn for unpublished comments (even not for review tasks) as demonstrated in attached video  Annotation Comments Publication.mp4

Bart, this was fixed for document level voting tasks in the Task Inbox.  It does not prompt for non-review tasks though so we will qualify this idea specifically for adding this to non-review tasks.

Note that even for review tasks in the Task Inbox, this warning is also not shown in case of multi-document voting.
Alternative solution could be to have a workflow task configuration setting to 'auto publish comments when closing task'.