Multi Select Selection Values - Modify the Dual Select dialog box to be sizable; show more than 20 characters

Trista Oliva 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 5 months ago 5

This request is to modify the Dual Select dialog box so it is sizable, or allow for some way to  the display 'Available' and 'Selected' options that are longer than 20 characters. When only the first 20 characters are displayed, it can be impossible to discern the options in some cases, as shown below.

Even though the hover text provides the full text, it would be much faster to see all the options at once instead of hovering on each one to find the correct item(s).


Looks like we missed marking this as completed but we did widen the window to correct this.

Perfect timing, this is resolved in R94, New Field Restyling 

 It is a good feature to have for sure.

Wells Fargo is very much in favor of this enhancement as our users complain about this often.