Package upload - honor use of setting .orderDocumentNamingConvention

bart.theys 2 years ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Frederic Malfait 6 days ago 5

The Adam system always respects the setting (.orderDocumentNamingConvention,etc...) to ensure that the downloaded filename reflects the clients business rules. This is not always the original name used during upload, but can be a calculation based on meta-data or approval process data like division, year, unique number,... (the result is then potentlally stored as default value in a read only field).
Package download does honour this convention. Unfortunately, package upload does not take this into account and only checks on filename. So a re-upload of a downloaded package results in duplicate assets. A possible solution is described by me on aprimo voice (Check for duplicates - allow customization via 'webhook'). 
This topic is a more simplified request to add in the packageuploadconfiguration the ability to use a references (e.g. searchexpression) so that the (uploaded) filename can be matched against a field value.

Ingestion / Upload

Hi Gerda, 

We currently have a project that has a similar need. In our usecase, a package is uploaded and records get created for all the linked files. After the upload, based on some metadata specific user choices, sometimes, the actual masterfile behind those linked records gets renamed.

In case the user now uploads a 2nd package that has also has 1 of those earlier linked files as a linked file, Aprimo DAM won't detect this as a duplicate (because of the renaming). 

So, just like Bart Theys explained in his comment, if we would simply be able to define the definition of when a file gets considered as being a duplicate of an existing asset, we would be able to fully resolve this issue. 

Therefor, I do believe that this is a highly needed addition to the package functionality. 



Hi Gerda,
Businesss case is as follows: an external agency is requested to create a product leaflet. A number of (product) photo's is sent to them via the "send email with download link" function (or the agency receives access to a collection in DAM and downloads the photos). Then the agency offline creates the Indesign project, linking to the downloaded files. At the end, the complete InDesign package is  uploaded in DAM. Current InDesign package upload functionality will search for assets based on the filename of the downloaded files that are used in the project and expects to find assets with the exact same master filename.

However, several of our clients use the .orderDocumentNamingConvention setting to enforce a business rule on the filename format of downloaded assets. This is a very strong feature in Aprimo. E.g. the original uploaded photo filename can be something like DSC00001.jpg, but downloaded filename is based on logical convention writting in a calculated field value: examples can be CH2019SA00001.jpg or MyProductID-FRONT.jpg or...). 
When uploading the InDesign package, Aprimo DAM will decide to create a new asset for the linked assets, because the filename in the package (MyProductID-FRONT.jpg) does not match the original filename of the assets master filename (DSC00001.jpg).

In short: the request is for package upload configuration to allow to search for 'duplicates' based on a search expression rather that have the system hardcoded check combination of Master Filename/CRC

Hi Bart, can you please elaborate on the use case? 

I guess you are referring to the InDesign package download that is not based on the recently released zip package upload functionality?

FYI We just released zip package download today where a download package is recreated based on the uploaded package. A changed filenam would break the package.