Package upload - honor use of setting .orderDocumentNamingConvention

bart.theys 3 weeks ago in Digital Asset Management • updated by Gerda Oppewal 3 weeks ago 1

The Adam system always respects the setting (.orderDocumentNamingConvention,etc...) to ensure that the downloaded filename reflects the clients business rules. This is not always the original name used during upload, but can be a calculation based on meta-data or approval process data like division, year, unique number,... (the result is then potentlally stored as default value in a read only field).
Package download does honour this convention. Unfortunately, package upload does not take this into account and only checks on filename. So a re-upload of a downloaded package results in duplicate assets. A possible solution is described by me on aprimo voice (Check for duplicates - allow customization via 'webhook'). 
This topic is a more simplified request to add in the packageuploadconfiguration the ability to use a references (e.g. searchexpression) so that the (uploaded) filename can be matched against a field value.