Workflow Templates: display the Expand Icon on all subpages when working in a workflow template

Trista Oliva 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 1 year ago 13

This request is regarding workflow templates. In release 86, we added the display of the Expand Icon on all sub-menu navigation destinations in addition to the parent record. It would be valuable to workflow admins if this same functionality was added to the sub pages of a workflow template (the tabs for a step).

In current functionality, when you navigate to the configuration tabs of a step, make an edit and save, some of the pages stay on that tab (some return to the designer automatically). For tabs that do not automatically return to the designer, the user must then use the back button multiple times to get back to the designer screen or go to the workflow template list and re-open the template. To reduce clicks, if the Expand Icon was available on the tabs, the workflow admin could navigate much quicker. 

Example: go to a workflow template designer. Click on the Input Ports for a step. Click edit, make a change, and save. Note that you are still on the Input Port tab. You must now make multiple clicks to return to the designer.

Below is a mockup of how this might look.

UX Workflow

In Release 102 we have added the functionality to use the browser right click functionality on the Workflow Designer fly out menus to open in a new tab or window.  For the example Trista gave regarding Input Ports:  now you can select the fly out menu option of Input Ports, right click on it and opt to open it in another tab where you can do your edits while the parent page still displays the Workflow Designer.  Similarly, for an iterative step, you can select Define Workflow Template and open the sub-workflow in a separate tab.

Along the same line, we are looking into options to actually pop the Step Configuration page as a new model window that you can then move around and still be able to see and easily get back to the workflow designer template view.  We are also looking into changing the default behavior that when you open a sub-workflow from the designer that we open that into a new tab in the browser by default so that you have it in a "new window" essentially with the ability to switch between the main template and the sub.  What does this group think about these options.

I think this would be very helpful, Eric. A new window and/or a new model that allows configurators/admins to view sub-workflows (several layers deep) and get back to the  previous level and main template quickly would be very beneficial.

I like the idea of the Step Configuration showing as a model window & I think having the browser automatically open sub-workflows in a new tab would be an improvement to the current functionality; I typically do this myself when working in Workflow Administration in the new UI. I also think #2 in Trista's comment regarding consistency with click patterns is a big pain point currently that would be great to have addressed.

Agreed. The new UI for configurators is inefficient compared to what we used to have. In many instances, when build workflows with sub-workflows, we could easily toggle between the workflow designer for multiple workflow templates. Additionally when researching/troublsehooting workflows and pathing that involves may sub-workflows, navigating these levels without being able to easily toggle/navigate between windows causes a lot of confusion and navigation frustration. 

The Citi team and I would like to add to this request: 

  1. Supply the expand icon on every configuration tab as described above.
  2. Provide total consistency on click patterns within the tabs. For example, on Input Ports, if you edit and save, you stay on the input port page. If you cancel, you are returned to the designer. On document layout if you edit and save, you are returned to the designer page. The clicks are inconsistent from tab to tab on where you end up after clicking save or cancel. If the expand icon was added to each tab page and a save/cancel click kept the user on the same tab, this would provide total consistency and allow the admin to choose where to go next: keep working on the same tab, go to another tab, or use the expand icon to return to the workflow designer.

This will definitely be the enhancement I will be waiting for, till I actively use the new UI for "Workflow Developments". Though I will still miss the "X" in the old UI, the expand icon will help a lot. As per I can see, we need this icon for Input Ports, Output Ports and Status action tab, however having it in all other tabs will be a bonus.

Just wanted to check does clicking "Workflow Designer" gets us back to the main workflow or the corresponding sub workflow Designer page. If it gets us back to the main workflow designer page, could you also add some option to get back to the current workflows (i.e. current sub workflows) Designer page that the user is working on, as in some complicated workflows we work on tasks which may reside under 3, 4 or more sub workflows and going back to just the main designer is going to make the development even more tiresome.