Package support: Use an image from the zip as preview and zip as masterfile

peter.kloren 11 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Peter Scoins (SBD) 7 months ago 6 1 duplicate

The client uses various different zip files to keep files together. To help the users in selecting the correct zipfile, an image from the zipfile is used as a preview image on the record using the zip file as the masterfile.

The new packages functionality unzips the package and you can setup a regex to select the required masterfile. However, in the above use case there is no rule possible to calculate the masterfile. To use a random file from the package as the master would be a bit strange.

Can you extend the package function to allow for the above?

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Huge requirement for this at Stanley Black & Decker

We have packaged files (such as articulate story files and collection of files stored as compressed files) that we would love to be able to extract at least a thumbnail and associated asset types from.

This would really benefit a lot of customers.

This would be very good functionality as we do have lots of use cases that could benefit from it.


We could consider to extend the package functionality, this is going to be influenced by votes from our end customers.