Aprimo DAM Tasks button - redirect to new MP navigation experience

bart.theys 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by petra.tant 2 years ago 1

In the top bar of Aprimo DAM, a button 'Tasks' can be enabled so the user can directly access the MP Inbox. 
The url use for that MarketingOps/#/tasks-and-reviews?removeNavigation=true&status=101&taskName=&sortField=enddate&sortAscending=false

The part 'removeNavigation=true' can be disturbing here. It is understandable if the client only licensed a simple workflow setup. But for all other clients it would makes more sense to actually see the navigation menu on the left side (work request, project follow up, etc.). Can this part of the redirect url be removed if feature flag 'configurable workflow' is enabled?