Include record versioning

Colleen Mayer 2 years ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 8 months ago 5

Include record versioning. Basically having all metadata of one record versioned as a snapshot, similar to a version of a file. This is requested by Stanley Black & Decker


While I was editing this ticket I see I meant to put it on Shelved (see first remark), but mistakenly put it on Qualified.

Hi Petra - when we asked for audit trail capabilities on record metadata (not between file versions on a record, just on a record itself), we were directed to this Voice ticket.  Is that true?  It seems it would be an easier item to add to say "this asset GUID had this field's value changed from A to B on this date/time by this user" than it would be to implement file version-level tracking.  Could you please update me via email in case I miss your update on this case?  Thank you!

Our business requested this of Aprimo when they were on site with us as well (Jim Cavedo leading).  Our Marketing users were delightfully calling this a metadata "time machine" so we can go back in time, exactly as Colleen described.

Also - Petra please note that I can follow Colleen's request in Voice, but although it does say 'Shelved' I am unable to vote on it but would like to.


We don't have this on our roadmap for the near term, therefore status goes to shelved but this basically means the idea remains available for voting for the community.