The "Task Inbox Only" domain right should remove the 2nd hyperlink on Notifications which routes to legacy task view

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 11 months ago 10

The "Task Inbox Only" domain right should also remove the 2nd hyperlink in Project Notifications (i.e. Task Assigned; Review Tasks; Reminders; etc.) Or even better, add "Task Inbox" as a Link Destination option on Notification Templates. It can be confusing to have two links and be routed to the legacy view when the customer is used to the Inbox view. 

UX Tasks Notifications

The ability to remove this link is available with the feature flag outlined below and now that new navigation has rolled out for all customers this will become a permanent change soon.

In Progress

We are modifying the code and adding a new Feature Flag ("uix-full-implementation") that when activated will remove the second link to the legacy Task pages.  If you are a customer whose users are using only the Task Inbox or you want to encourage your users to use the Task Inbox, you should request this feature flag to remove that old link.

This will be available with Release 97 and is covered in the release notes under New Navigation Experience.

New Navigation Experience

  • 201635 (CS0022703): Corrected an issue where Review Tasks were not displayed in the My Aprimo My Reviews Card because domain classifications were being ignored. IN PROGRESS
  • 201797 (CS0022849): Corrected an issue where a Contributor user configuring a report parameter could not view the entire list of users, only a single page was displayed. IN PROGRESS
  • 198665: There is a new feature flag, "uix-full-implementation" which eliminates the second link on Task Notifications that was directing to the legacy task. This works only if the New Navigation feature flag (uix-spa) feature flag is also on and applies to all users. IN PROGRESS

I think that a feature flag is a solution that can only cover a few specific cases. It think that more clients would benefit by having more flexibility over the message template configuration (html) as requested in https://voice.aprimo.com/communities/42/topics/1438-enhance-custom-notifications-capability

Above problem would then be solved by removing the second link from the default html template.

I like this approach.

We are looking into this but we have a technical challenge around looking at a users domain rights and then changing the body of the email message.  One email could go to multiple users and each could have different domain rights.

So one option we are looking is a new system parameter or feature flag (likely temporary) that would simply remove the second link to the legacy Task pages in all task emails.  So this would system but would cover the use cases of most customers where they only trained and want their users to be working in the Task Inbox going forward.  When the New Navigation and Home Page move to active for all in October then the Task Inbox will be the only option and we can remove this extra setting.

Thoughts from this group?  As the highest rated topic we have we want to do something to improve this experience.

The option provided is a great one and that way we dont have to update each notification template...since there are several task notifications that this applies to. Thank you Eric!

A System Parameter/Feature Flag to remove the second link from all Task emails would work for our process.

This is an excellent idea - totally agree. Until the link is removed, here is a workaround:

In Notification Templates (found in Workflow Administration), edit Notification template ID #1 (and any other notification that links to the task) and configure the “Link Text” to be this:  

This will effectively remove the second link which will route the users to the legacy task completion page. Screenshots below:

How the notification looks: