The "Task Inbox Only" domain right should remove the 2nd hyperlink on Notifications which routes to legacy task view

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 1 month ago in Productivity Management • updated by Trista Oliva 3 weeks ago 2

The "Task Inbox Only" domain right should also remove the 2nd hyperlink in Project Notifications (i.e. Task Assigned; Review Tasks; Reminders; etc.) Or even better, add "Task Inbox" as a Link Destination option on Notification Templates. It can be confusing to have two links and be routed to the legacy view when the customer is used to the Inbox view. 

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This is an excellent idea - totally agree. Until the link is removed, here is a workaround:

In Notification Templates (found in Workflow Administration), edit Notification template ID #1 (and any other notification that links to the task) and configure the “Link Text” to be this:  

This will effectively remove the second link which will route the users to the legacy task completion page. Screenshots below:

How the notification looks: