Replacing default image on the Project Card on My Aprimo: allow different project image in 1:M scenario

Trista Oliva 2 years ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 2 years ago 2

In New Nav a user can replace the default image on the Project or Activity Card on My Aprimo with an activity attachment of the title "project image." In a situation where a user has two project cards both from the same activity, they cannot have different images because the system pulls the first image that was added and titled "project image."

This request is for the image rule to follow the Visibility setting on the attachment. If the attachment is set to project visibility, it should be the image that displays for only the designated project.

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Curious if anyone from Product has a use case for this feature that I can share with customers who are heading to new navigation. Thank you!