New Navigation: Make Project Card project list searchable by ID

Trista Oliva 2 years ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Sue Davies 11 months ago 5

When a project is created in Aprimo, the title defaults to the workflow template that was used to create the project. Project managers don't always update the title of the project to a unique name. In some cases, this is not necessarily part of their business process. In some processes, an extended attribute is used as the project "title", since an EA can be updated on a DCT and a project title cannot. 

In New Nav, a project card might be useful to some users, but in cases where the title is not unique, it is difficult or impossible to find the project you are looking for since you can only search by title.

This request is to add Project ID to the search on the project card.

An example is below.


Do we have a timescale on a fix?

This make sense and I agree it should be done on both Activity and Project cards if we add it.

Mutual of Omaha would also like this functionality. Will this also be added to the Activity Card as well?

We are currently running pilot groups using New Navigation so if anyone seeing this would like to connect and share their experiences please email me. ray.hahn@mutualofomaha.com 

Pacific Life is in the same position.  The same title can be used on multiple revisions of the same brochure.  Project ID or Form Number is needed to differentiate.