Check for duplicates - allow customization via ‘webhook’

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Similar to how Aprimo webhooks work for default values & validation rules, we see benefit to customize the logic to determine if an ingested file already exists in the DAM. 
For upload duplicate detection 

  • Aprimo can make a call-out to a configurered webhook (using parameters parameters: filename & CRC)
  • Webhook can provide customer specific logic and respond:
    • Either : Id of duplicate item
    • Either: null

Also the upcoming functionality of package upload (and publication item linking) could benefit from this.This enables the option of a customization where INDD package contains a low-res version of the linked images. Based on the low-res CRC and or filename conventions, the webhook can return the correct record id of the associated publication item holding the high-res file (idea is then that version for FPO use custom generated as additional file during master file upload, and the FPO-CRC is kept as meta-data on the record). 

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Bart Theys

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