Out of office should honor start and end dates that are entered

petra.tant 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 2 years ago 7

When a user activates out of office they can entered a start and end time but currently the application does not actually trigger their out of office to start on those dates.  The system should do this.


This feature is releasing with release 91 that is deploying this week.  There is no feature flag for this change so it will be active in all customer environments immediately.

The change adds a new option in the OOO field of "Yes - for specific dates" that when selected then allows users to complete a start and end date for their OOO and the system will then automatically activate and deactivate their OOO based on those dates.  

This is close to release.  Should be activated for all customers within the next month depending on release timings.

Agree this is important to have functioning especially when we introduce the outlook integration to our users.  They'll expect the dates to be respected.

When will this will be functioning? Based on prior communications that outlook integration would be generally available this quarter, we communicated to users that this would be available Q1, and I'd like to provide an update to them on timing. 

Is there a rough ETA or Version that we should expect to see this in. 

If a Effective Start Date and / or Effective End Date is entered, when the Out of Office indicator is set to Yes, OOO should not start immediately, but should either begin when the Effective Start Date is met.  OOO should automatically turn off when the Effective End Date is met and after that point the Out of Office Indicator should be reset to No.