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Creating Contact Sheets

laura.patterson 2 years ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Gerda Oppewal 3 months ago 13 1 duplicate

Would love to be able to create a downloadable contact sheet of a set of assets either selected or from a collection or saved view. My users ask me about this capability all the time and we used to have this on our older DAM. 

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A first release will be available in DAM v123. It will be possible to set up a new "Export contact sheet" action in Assets, and a list of fields (max. 10) to be included in the export. The same action will be added to DAM UI at a later stage.

Does "first release" mean there are planned enhancement coming to this new feature? For example, having a maximum of 10 fields that are global is limiting. We have different users and teams who need different metadata included in their export. Right now they do the Metadata Export and painstakingly go through and remove irrelevant columns. The new Contact Sheet is a bit cleaner, but it would be better if the user could specify the fields they need at export. Can I add that to the wish-life for a future release?

The functionality which is still missing to claim a complete release is the ability to perform an export of a contact sheet in the new DAM UI.

Other functionality is indeed subject to separate voice tickets.

An update from our R&D planning : we should be able to deliver this in Q1-2020.

This project is being delayed in development. A clear release point has not been set yet. I will come back on timing as soon as there is a good estimate when this would be done.

This should make it in Q3 2019

Do you have a timeline yet for a release of this function?


On near term roadmap.

Hi Petra,

Hoping that this item will be moved up faster for consideration as my creative team feels this is a huge miss for the tool. We used to have this ability on our legacy DAM and right now our creatives are making contact sheets manually and very regularly which is not a good use of their time. I have asked my creative team to provide some comments and visuals but anything you can do to make this a priority item would really be appreciated.