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In the current solution, the shared download link can be used by any person who clicks the link: there is no authentication check. We would like to change this shared download link to work like described below:

  • The content sharer selects the asset(s) he wants to download
  • Selects the Share action
  • The content sharer selects with whom to share. This can be existing DAM users and/or external users. Who it’s possible to share with, the length of time the download is available, and whether the user must authenticate is controlled through configuration.
    • Share with external users
    • Share with DAM users
    • Share with anyone
    • Get a shareable link
  • Upon receipt of the link, the content receiver clicks the link
  • If the download is configured to require authentication, the content receiver is prompted with a login if not yet logged into the system
  • Then download of the content is started and the user is downloading the content from the nearest geographical location

Each download event is recorded so that it can be used for reporting on download

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Any update on this request and whether it will make it in a release? 

For Philips this is a security requirement, only users that are authorized to Aprimo DAM are allowed to download the asset. 

Hi Patrick, at this moment we do not have a release date yet.

Not sure if it is feasalble, but I was thinking about a token/pincode mechanism that could work for both DAM & non-DAM users. When receiving the email, the generated token is included in the email link. This key is then invalidated after first use. 

External users: if the link is secured, users without a valid account in the DAM should not be able to download. If the links is unsecured, external users need to be able to download it. 

Would prefer to use a  "prepared" immediate download. So the link should be send after the package is prepared.

Your use case to share content with non-DAM users, is that a link to an immediate download, or it that a link to the live content (like a collection or selection?)

Would you expect external users to authenticate or just download? 

Either using a password on just issuing a one-time link would work for us.