Add select all checkbox to metadata editing templates

Maja Pejčić 2 years ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 2 years ago 1

It would be useful to have a select all fields button when bulk editing for the purpose of selecting all fields that are already filled in and need no changes when creating a new template. 

Use case: a user has an asset that librarian already filled in with all relevant metadata. User wants to apply all field values from that asset to a selection of asset - so he needs to create a template based on all the metadata already populated on an asset. In current setup, the user would need to go and manually click on every field in bulk editing window to be able to create a template. It would be useful in this case to have a select all fields checkbox. 

Fields / Attributes

 Improving the useability of meta-data templates is indeed something we could envision, but I'm afraid we won't get around to this in 2019..